Objectual filosis

X.18.2 External and internal sensorial states

An advanced animal organism is the owner of a neural NIPS; this neural system is placed inside the host organism, but it is isolated by its own RBS. Each neuron as an independent cell has its own RBS, the connections with the other neurons being made through specialized junctions – synapses - which preserve the spatial segregation of the neurons, but they allow the existence of unidirectional neuromediators molecular fluxes. The set (union) of all these neural RBS which are mutually disjoint, makes-up the global RBS of the animal IPS. All these specifications allow the following finding: all the input information into the neural IPS are considered as external information (fluxes) against the global RBS of IPS, but these data are coming from two distinct spatial domains, limited by the global RBS (epidermis) of the host organism - the internal and external domain of the organism.

All the data which are coming at the present moment from the outside make-up the abstract object called present external individual state (of the medium outside the body), and the total information amount which is coming from the inside makes-up the abstract object called the present internal individual state (of the medium inside the organism).

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