Objectual filosis

X.3.4 The position of a curve, surface or volume element

The objectual approach makes that the mathematic terminology used in this paper to be different in most of the cases as compared to the classic mathematics. As it may be found in the current scientific papers, the wording “which surrounds” for the surface or volume element in a point with an established position, occurs frequently because the regular mathematics does not provide any support for a more accurate expression. For the objectual philosophy, the curve, surface or volume element is an object, and as any other object, it has an internal reference system. As for the surface element from the section X.3.3. and in case that a central reference point is selected, the application point of the normal line is even a component of this internal reference system (if you already read chapter 3, you could find that this point is the reference T of the surface element, that is a reference which corresponds to a natural reference too).

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