Objectual filosis



5.1 Overview

The flux notion is essential for understanding the objectual philosophy, therefore, a special attention shall be payed to the description of the accurate meaning of this notion across the entire paper, mainly because it has other meanings, according to some specialized papers. For example, in The Encyclopedic Dictionary19, the flux term (coming from the Latin “fluxus”- flow) has the following meaning:

Taking into account the above-mentioned list which is much more abbreviated than the dictionary version, we may notice that almost every professional field defines the flux in its specialized manner, some of the definitions being contradictory, which means that on the one hand, the flux is a motion process of an amount and on the other hand, it is an intensity of this process. Due to its unifying “calling” which derives from its generality degree, the objectual philosophy shall explain these aspects in the following sections.

19 Dicționar Enciclopedic - Editura Enciclopedică București, 1996

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