Objectual filosis

7.1.2 Individual bio-systems

Although it is very obvious, the existence of the fluxes within the bio-systems was found (through the fluxes model) only about one century ago. By examining the human and animal metabolism, the input (inhaled air, food, water) and the output fluxes (exhaled air, faeces, urine, perspiration etc.) may be noticed.

As a result of entering inside the bio-system (animal slaughtering, surgery, injuries), the inner fluxes have been found first (food, blood, lymph flows), then, the fluxes of the inner secretions, the nervous ones and finally, the fluxes inside the cells. In the same way as the state systems, there are however fluxes which are stored internally, inside the bio-system limited by RBS (this time, with a permanent physical existence represented by the epidermis) and fluxes through RBS, import/export fluxes. As for the bio-systems also, the fluxes transfer through RBS is strictly controlled from the inside, and it occurs only via the specialized transfer areas (nose, mouth, anus, urethra, pores etc.), which are able to control only the passage of certain type of fluxes.

Similarly with the state systems, the coherent, vital inner fluxes are coming from some inner stocks, except that, in case of bio-systems, there are no natural pre-existing stocks (deposits), all the inner stocks being collected through the accumulation of the import fluxes, right even from the embryonic stage.

The bio-system’s life span30 strictly depends on the amount of these stocks; in case of an average human being, the oxygen stock is enough for several tens of seconds, the water stock is sufficient for couple of days, and the protein stock-for about a month. If there is no import flux added during this time in order to recover the stock, the system is destroyed (it dies).

30 In the absence of an external aggression which would lead to the premature bio-system failure.

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