Objectual filosis

7.6.6 Energetical action Overview

Although it seems to be quite unusual, the term of energetical action has a precise meaning in the present paper, coming from the attribute type which is carried by the agent flux and accordingly, from the attribute type whose variation will generate the state change of the driven object. In case of the energy action, the attribute which is considered to be transmitted by the agent flux and received by the driven object is exclusively the energy. If the attribute carried by the agent flux is the information (contained into ISS which are the elements of the agent flux), in this case, if the object is permeable to this flux type (which means that it is a biotic or artificial IPS, sensitive to that particular flux), this object shall be subjected to a informational action (a state change due to the receiving of an information flux). Similarly, if the agent flux is made-up from bacteria or viruses and the driven object is for instance a human, the state change (first and inner and then an outer change) determined by the ingression of this flux inside the body (falling ill) may be referred to as the biological action of that flux. It is worth keeping in mind that the action type of a certain agent flux is given by the type of the transported attribute which is transmitted to the driven object.

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