Objectual filosis

9.3 External language

As we have mentioned in chapter 8, language means a distribution of the semantic values on the set of the syntactic values of some ISS. Depending on the internal or external location of these ISS against RBS of an IPS, we are dealing with internal and external ISS and accordingly, external and internal languages. Such a language which has occurred in the human society and which uses the ISS outside the human body is the natural language.

Informationally speaking, the natural language is an external representation form (against the RBS of the human body) of a part from the information acquired and stored in the brain, either by means of sound sequences (spoken language), or by means of graphical symbols (written language). The information which was already acquired through the perception system is organized by the brain in a systemic manner, organization which allows the optimum utilization of a finite resource: the memory. This organization is based on the fact that each object from the real world, perceived during our own existence is mentally related to another object (obviously, to an abstract one), made-up from two fundamental components: the common information with other classes of objects and the specific information related to that object. This abstract object (which represents a particular object) with which we may operate when its evocation is required (process which is equivalent with the memory reading in case of AIPS), consists of a very large information amount (only the visual attributes of a real object occupy tens or hundreds of MB, without mentioning the other attributes such as the olfactory/gustatory, tactile, kinesthetic, as well as the ones achieved through artificial means or the processual attributes associated to that particular object). Although this object may be recalled every time we want to, an apparently insurmountable difficulty seems to occur whenever we want to communicate this information to somebody else.

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